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More ketosis and KETO//OS information for you

Denise’s take on ketogenic diet/ketosis/and KETO//OS

I’ve had a lot of interest in this topic, so I wanted to share my thoughts and experience so far as a written narrative. Bear with me. All of this wordage will be worth it. If you’ve seen my posts on this subject on Facebook or my on blog (, then you’ve seen my results in just one month. Keep in mind that there is no medical claim or studies that show a benefit from drinking ketones.

My motivation started out as one of self-preservation. I had such encouraging results, that I felt like I had to share it with my friends. I’m 48 now, my ovaries are gone, though I do take low-dose estrogen, and I’m feeling my age. I’m talking about bloating, muffin-top syndrome, exhaustion beyond just fatigue, and moodiness. I first decided it was just menopause, and I would eventually plateau and feel somewhat better. I waited and waited, but I just kept feeling worse and getting fatter. I started to get depressed and to feel on edge. I could starve myself and still GAIN weight. I could exercise, but I couldn’t get rid of the belly fat. I hated exercise because I was too tired to enjoy it. My joints hurt.

Then a few months ago, a friend from high school asked me my opinion on ketosis. I poo-pooed it. There is no medical literature to support taking in ketones in one’s diet, with the exception that in a few studies, it’s been shown to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. About a month passed, and a medical study came across my email that talked about a ketogenic diet showing a decrease in chronic migraines in a small group of people. That got my attention. It was a medical study showing a reduction in the number and intensity of migraines. I suffer terribly from them to the point of being desperate to try almost anything with an ounce of medical data.

I read more about a ketogenic diet at that point. The purpose of this diet is to reduce carbs to a minimum (simple and complex sugars). Our body uses two pathways for energy: glucose and ketones. Ketones are only burned after all the glucose is used up. By constantly eating carbs, we never reach ketosis, because we always have circulating glucose. Ketosis burns fat very effectively and quickly. Circulating glucose also requires insulin to keep it in check. Insulin is pro inflammatory, so it causes inflammation, and it stores fat. If we are eating a lot of carbs, our glucose is high, and our bodies are forced to make insulin. More insulin leads to fat storage, weight gain, inflammation, and fatigue. The other fact I found interesting was that cancer feeds on glucose. People with cancer undergo a scan called a PET scan to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. A glucose-rich dye is injected in their vein, and the cancer cells take up the dye. Then a scan is done showing where the dye is. It’s in the cancer.

I googled the carbs in various items, because I really didn’t know how many carbs are in most foods. One cup of pasta has 39-40 grams of carbs. A banana has 21 grams. A cup of black beans has 36 grams, while a cup of rice has 45 grams.  On a ketogenic diet, you are limited to 5% carbs, so that’s only 20-30 grams of carbs/day. My eyes bugged out and I thought, “What am I supposed to eat?” It’s a tough diet to follow, because you end up eating mostly fats and some protein.  A person can’t get enough electrolytes or vitamins eating mostly fat and protein. Plus, I wondered how it might affect my cholesterol, which is a bit high right now.

I decided to try it. My main motivation was to see if ketosis helped my migraines. I thought it would be an added bonus to lose weight as well. What could it hurt? I decided it would be important to be focused on the results I wanted, and so I adhered to the diet for about 3 days. I ate an egg and two pieces of bacon for breakfast with a little avocado. I put heavy cream in my coffee. No sugar at all. For lunch, I ate a Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp with the dressing, but no croutons. For dinner, I ate steak and green beans. I stopped eating after 6pm and I would have a cup of tea with heavy
cream at night for a treat. I drank water or coffee or tea. There are many other food choices, but yo
u have to be creative, which I don’t have much time for.

There are a number of Keto drinks/supplements out there. This particular brand ranked second on a scale of the top five. It’s as good as number one, but it’s less expensive. It’s still pricey, though. By adding the Kreme once in the morning and the KETO//OS Max once or twice a day (afternoon, sometimes evening), I found that my cravings were curbed, I didn’t want sugar all the time, and I was able to eat more carbs. The KETO//OS is the original ketone drink. KETO//OS Max is newer with 40% more ketones. The Orange KETO//OS has more fat and so it suppresses one’s appetite better. The KETO//OS Chocolate swirl is better for those with GI/digestion/IBS issues. It contains probiotics. The KETO//OS versions without the Max are cheaper.

In the first 10 days, I lost 10lbs. Some of it was water weight. YOU MUST DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Ketones and fat can be hard on your gallbladder and kidneys. My weight loss plateaued at 7 lbs, but I noticed that I liked my shape better. My jeans started hanging on me. They were baggy. I didn’t have that pooch and bloating anymore. My face looked thinner. I really think that ketosis helps to reshape the body by the way it burns fat. All of last summer, I would not be seen in a bathing suit. I felt fat under my clothes; but I was okay with it this past week when I took my daughter swimming at a hotel. That was a big deal for me. I should add that I did not exercise regularly during this first month, so this was weight loss without exercise. I plan to have my cholesterol checked in 5 months, but from what I understand, there is only a temporary bump upward in cholesterol and then it normalizes. This makes sense, since with ketosis, we are burning fat.

Now, I must say, some people don’t eat a ketogenic diet at all and just use the drink and supplement, and they still lose weight and feel that their clothes fit better. I don’t think that is the best approach for me. I want to actively lose weight, take an active role in caring for what I’m putting in my body, and be responsible for my health by exercising. My plan is to continue the same regimen daily and add swimming laps leisurely or yoga three times a week. I don’t think one can eat donuts, candy bars, cookies, and carbs and take this drink and be really successful. But one can have some carbs. I ate chili last night. No crackers. I ate a Halloween cookie. Think portion when you eat carbs. Look at how many carbs are in the food item you are about to eat. Google it on your cell phone. That’s what I do. Once you know, you may not think it’s worth the carbs.

As I started to see and feel the results, it wasn’t only weight loss and change in my body that I observed. I sleep better, and so I require less sleep. I have a lot more energy, which is one of the best parts. My joints don’t hurt as much. My mood is better. I want to be more engaged with others, because I have the energy now. I can’t guarantee you will have the same results I have, but I’m impressed for me. Please note again that many people DO NOT follow a ketogenic diet with this drink/supplement, but they still see results.

The cost bothered me at first, so I only ordered enough for a month to try it out. Now that I’m going to stay on it, there is a “Smart ship” option which signs me up for monthly shipments at a 22% discount. Also, as a Smart ship member, I get free product for referring other people. That helps me pay for my product. There are other memberships that will help you save more, if you decide you’re sold on this product.

Please view these videos. They are simple and helpful.
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