Friday, October 20, 2017

One month after a ketogenic diet and Keto//OS

I’m not big on posting pictures of myself, especially unflattering pictures. But I wanted to show you the difference in my face after one month of a ketogenic diet and the Keto//OS supplement. 



These pictures are unaltered. I don’t have a dark tan in the skinnier picture. I just love this new way of eating and the help I get from this supplement. This is after only one month of making the change. Check it out. 
Independent Pruvit Promotor


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    1. It is pricey. If you sign up for automatic monthly shipments (Smartship), you get a 22% discount, and it’s more affordable. If you recruit two people to sign up for Smartship, you can get free KETO//OS. That’s what I’ve done. Look at how you use this stuff:


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