Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Denise’s favorite reads

Good morning. A couple of days ago, I took pictures showing that Spring was on its way:


Here are a couple of pictures from our first day of Spring yesterday in Kentucky:

Several school closings are already posted today. If you have lived in Kentucky or the tri-state area for any amount of time, this weather is no surprise to you. Don’t worry, the spring weather truly is just around the corner. 

Since today is a good reading day for those of us inside, I wanted to share with you some books I’ve enjoyed reading. I tend to lean toward a good story line with a sweet love story intermixed. I like romance, but I can do without the smut that enters so many books. Here are a few of Denise’s good reads. You can also purchase these as audiobooks (which is my preferred venue, since I have a two-hour commute to and from work). A few of these stories are centered around Christmas, but if you don’t mind reading off-season, I’m sure you’ll love them. 

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