Friday, May 18, 2018

New KETO//OS flavors

Most of you who follow my blog know that I follow a ketogenic diet.  I started eating ketogenic last September when I wanted to reduce my migraines, eat healthier, improve my cholesterol, and lose weight.  A few blogs back, I posted my great results after eating ketogenic for only four months.

During this time, I have also used the Pruvit ketogenic supplement to help replace lost sodium, potassium, minerals, and vitamins as I eat ketogenic.  I wanted to let you know that two new flavors are advertised on the Pruvit website. The Splash flavor reminds me of a mild pineapple flavor, and the Heart Tart flavor reminds me of a sweet tart (but not too sweet or too tart).  These are my two favorite flavors, and they really are delicious.

Here is the website, if you're interested:

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