Monday, February 19, 2018

Improved results with ketogenic diet and Pruvit keto supplement

Hi everybody! I wanted to give you some follow up on my ketogenic diet and Pruvit KETO//OS supplement. In September of last year, I had a lipid profile done along with a hemoglobin A1C. As you may know, a lipid profile tells you about your cholesterol and triglycerides. If they are high, then you are at increased risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

At the end of September, I started a ketogenic diet, Pruvit KETO//OS supplement at least once a day (sometimes twice), KREME coffee supplement (adds fat and vitamin B12), and yoga two to three times a week. I wanted to lose a little weight (I was 132lbs), and I didn’t want to have to take cholesterol-reducing medication (my internist threatened me with it).

So I reduced my carb intake to less than 50 carbs/day (most days) and took the supplements and exercised moderately (some days only stretches). Here are my results as of 1/23/18, four months later:

Total Cholesterol went from 206 to 219. Normal is 0-200. Yep, it went up, but I’ll explain why that doesn’t matter in a minute. My triglycerides went from 130 to 84!

My HDL (good cholesterol) went from 58 to 87. This is the protective cholesterol. You want this number to be high. This number is the one that boosted my total cholesterol. 

My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 122 to 115. 

My overall cholesterol number improved significantly from an LDL/HDL ratio of 2.1 down to 1.32. The lower the better, and optimal is less than 3.5.  A higher number means a higher risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. 

In addition, my diabetes risk dropped, since I dropped the sugar/carbs. My hemoglobin A1C went from 5.19 to 4.9 (normal is 4.8 to 5.6). 

My weight has stayed between 124lbs and 126lbs. Keep in mind that I’ve only been at this change in lifestyle for FOUR MONTHS!! I plan to stay with it, and stay healthy. My husband has also joined me on this diet and supplement for weight loss around his middle. He is a cyclist, and as Spring approaches every year, he cringes at the thought of trying to burn his winter belly fat to get down to a more comfortable riding weight. In only two weeks, he had lost 20lbs. Don’t tell him, but that quick weight loss irritated me a bit! How do men do that, right? But he sure looks good!



The first picture was taken in August last year. I was 132lbs and he was 230lbs. The picture at the top of this post was of me a few days ago. This second picture of my husband was a week ago. We are both very pleased with our results. Our favorite KETO//OS drink is the raspberry lemonade. My husband also drinks the orange dream flavor. It contains fat and helps to curb his appetite. Every morning, we both put the KREME supplement in our coffee. It’s delicious and contains vitamin B12. By the way, my vitamin B12 level was great when I had my blood work done in January. 

It’s definitely possible to improve your health with the ketogenic diet alone, but it’s really hard to eat less than 20 carbs/day and get proper electrolytes and vitamins. We are loving this supplement and how it complements our lifestyle. The numbers don’t lie. I thought you might want to know. 

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