Monday, October 23, 2017

For the Lady Peeps....let’s talk Gyn

     Hi ladies, and any gents who have interest. I thought we’d start with a sip of bourbon for this conversation. Although I’m no longer in office practice, I still work full-time as an OB Hospitalist. I chose this pathway because now I work 24-hour shifts, only 7 days a month. Although the shifts can be tiring, I enjoy having more time off with my family. 
     So, today, I wanted to open up the floor for discussion of OB/Gyn topics. If you have a burning question that you need an answer to, please post it in the comments. If you are asking an embarrassing question, you can also email me at That is my blog address. Please limit your questions to two for now. I will try to answer the questions as soon as possible. Those questions posted on the blog will be answered first. 
     Let’s have some fun with this, since trips to see your Gyn are never fun!

1 comment:

  1. I’ve had several emails about PCOS, insulin resistance, and infertility. I’ll do a blog post on that soon.


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